I Shot the Television

(22:15, Color/BW, Stereo, 2016)


Gonzo collage documentary about the social and political world I experienced during the first few years of post-911 America, while in my mid-20's. The political left had just lost "The Battle for Seattle," the Supreme Court had just settled the 2000 election, and Iraq had just been invaded after the mass media ignored mass demonstrations against the impending war. Most footage involves close friends with whom I collaborated on a series of short film projects during the early 2000's. Material depicting commercial media propaganda mostly comes from rephotographed television imagery. As an archival undertaking, the editing process required distilling material from multiple digital and analog tape formats as well as multiple analog film formats. Towards the end of these years, I suffered a three-year long dark night of the soul, followed by seven years of anti-psychotic medication.